What is a private equity investment?
Who can invest in private capital?
Domestic or foreign investors who can make an investment from $ 100,000 to $ 6,000,000 in our projects.
How long will my capital be invested in the project?
Your capital will remain invested during the duration of the project, approximately 5 to 6 years.
When can I withdraw the invested capital?
You can withdraw 100% of your capital after the sale of the asset. The sale of the asset will begin after the fifth year.
Can I get a refund of my capital before 5-6 years of the duration of the project?
A strategy can be agreed for its exit before the completion of the project with our consent. In this case, certain circumstances will apply if it is shown that the capital investor requires the return of his investment.
What is the amount of administrative expenses?
Unlike other investments, the private equity investment in Riviera Point Group has no administrative costs.
What is the minimum amount of investment?
US$ 100,000.
What are the types of returns offered by private equity investments?
There are 3 sources of returns: 1) Preferred interest, 2) prorated operating income, and 3) prorated profit share after selling the asset
What is the average annual return of a capital investment in Riviera Point Group?
Approximately 25% per year.
When will the returns on my investment be paid?
The preferred interest and dividends of the operation will have semi-annual payments and the share from the sale of the asset will have a single payment at the end of the project.
What is the process for investing in private capital?
Fill out the online form on our website as a capital investor, we will immediately send you information about our latest project. We will contact you by phone to clarify any questions. The next step will be your visit to our offices located in Miramar, Florida, where we will discuss documentation of the company that will be signed before a public notary. The documents are as follows: company by laws and share certificates.
Why should I choose Riviera Point Group as an investment alternative ?
Our detailed market research and experience of over 10 years has allowed us to determine the areas with the most potential to build commercial properties and generate high investment returns for our investors.
How will I get information on the progress of the project?
We will send you quarterly updated reports as the project in which you invested into progresses. Additionally, on our website and social networks you will be able to see picture updates and information.
Where will I invest my money and what do I own?
You will invest in the company that will build the project (go to the projects section), who owns the land and the building. Therefore, you will own part of the land, as well as part of the building.
Will my investment be protected?
Your capital will be protected under a legal structure that makes you a partner / owner of the asset (Land + Building)
Why invest in hotel construction projects?
Our market research shows that there is a high potential for hotels in certain areas of the country, specifically in Florida, where the growth of the occupancy rate and the average price per room (ADR) indicates a high demand for hotel rooms in these areas.