We advise on all services related to the development of the real estate industry (Real Estate Development), from the acquisition of a property through to obtaining the certificate of occupancy. We use the recognized methodology of the Project Management Institute (PMI) to develop your project at any stage, together with our proven experience in managing residential and commercial developments, we ensure successful implementation. In which phase of the project can we advise?
1.- Initial Phase: Preparing market research and feasibility.

2.- Planning Phase: Advice in defining the scope of development, budgeting, work schedules, resource allocation, preparation of procurement packages and risk assessment.

3.- Implementation Phase: Executing all planned activities according to the budget, work schedule and previously approved quality standards.

4.- Monitoring and Control: Creating execution reports, evaluating and processing change orders, anticipating the positive or negative impact of contingency, and overseeing the correct development according to the original plan.

5.- Closing Phase: Obtaining final approvals and livability, and preparing the final documents to transfer your new property to an operator (if necessary).