How much is the minimum amount of money required to invest in a Project and obtain my Green Card?

$500,000 of capital plus $50,000 for administrative expenses.

Where can I find more information on the EB-5 Program?


b. Book: “EB-5 Visas and Real Estate Development”. Author: Rodrigo Azpúrua. 

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Who do I give my investment to?

Money is placed in an escrow account with a financial entity which shall be released and handed over to Riviera Point once your I-526 application is introduced with the USCIS or other conditions.

Where can I see the Regional Center that handles the Project?
Can my money come from an inheritance or a gift from my parents or a family member?

Yes. Provided you may prove it through legal documentation.

Who receives a permanent visa with an EB-5 investment?

The investor, his wife or husband and his unmarried children under 21 years old (including adopted children).

Where should I stay while the I-526 is approved. In my country or in USA?
You can be in your country or in the USA, provided you have a valid visa and do not exceed the time allowed by law to remain within the territory of the United States.
How long will it take for my family and I to become residents of the United States?

Once your I-526 is submitted, it takes an average of 12 months to be approved. From there on, your family and you receive the conditional Green Card to move and live permanently in the USA.

How does my investment create jobs?

With the investment of US$ 500,000, 10 direct and indirect should be created.

Direct: Are jobs in the business venture in which you, as an EB-5 investor, have invested your capital.

Indirect: Are collateral jobs created as a result of the invested capital (For example: Are jobs created in collateral form as a result of the invested capital (for example: workers involved in the construction of the building).

When is my capital returned?

At the end of the sixth year, from the approval of the I-829, the capital plus the interests are returned to you.

How is the capital which will be used to build the property distributed?

The capital is structured in the following way:

• Patrimony owned by Riviera Point

• Bank Loan

• EB-5 Foreign Capital

What is the difference between a permanent resident and a conditional permanent resident?

A conditional residence is temporary and valid for 2 years. 90 days before the en of the two years, you must submit the request to remove the condition and become an I-829 permanent resident.

The removal of the condition is approved if, within the 2 years, 10 jobs were created (direct or indirect) as required by the EB-5 program.

After obtaining my conditional residence can I travel freely outside the United States?

Yes. And it has the same restrictions that permanent residence, i.e. you cannot remain outside USA for a period equal to or greater than 1 year.

If I invest in Florida, can I live in another state?

Yes. With your conditional or permanent residence, you may live in any state of the United States.

If my I-526 petition for a Permanent Residency Visa is rejected, will you return me my $500,000?
Yes. Our conditions entitle you to receive 100% of your capital within 10 days of the rejection.
Does the $500,000 include legal advice from an attorney who will represent me in my application to the USCIS?
No. But you may choose an EB-5 specialist lawyer of your choice; additional fees may apply.
Why an EB-5 Visa and not an Investor Visa to manage my own business?

If your goal is to get the Green Card and not have to run a business with the risks involved, it is usually more economical and safe to use an EB-5 investment program.

When you obtain your Green Card, you will not need to renew or re-apply to keep your status within the US. In the case of any other investor visa, you will always have a non-immigrant status and your stay in the United States will depend on the success of your business.

These frequently asked questions are for informational purposes only. You should consult an immigration attorney before making a decision.