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Invest in the United States
and gain a life fULL OF new opportunities

E2 Visa

Invest and live

in the United States

We offer you the opportunity to participate as an E2 investment partner in our franchise projects of recognized restaurant chains.

You and your family may choose to live and work in the USA while the business is operating, with an investment starting from US$ 350,000.

What is an e2 Visa?

An E2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows a national of a country with a trade agreement (*) to be admitted to the United States when investing a substantial amount of capital in an American company. The E-2 Visa does not lead to residency or citizenship. However, it is renewable while your business is active and generating jobs.

Renewal times vary according to the treaty that exists with each country. Spouse and children are covered by the amount of the investment, but once the children reach the age of 21, they are out of the immigration status granted by this visa.

(*) a country with which the United States maintains a trade and navigation agreement, or maintains a qualified international agreement, or which has been determined as a country qualified by law.

General Requirements of an

Investor by E-2 Trade Agreement

To qualify for E-2 classification, the investor per treaty must:

- Be a citizen of a country with which the United States has a trade and navigation agreement.

- Be actively in the process of investing or have invested a substantial amount of capital in a genuine company in the United States

- Make an investment or placing capital with the aim of generating a profit

- Prove that your capital comes from a lawful source

- Consider a substantial amount of capital. Substantial in relation to the total cost of buying an established business or establishing a new one. Sufficient to guarantee the financial commitment of the investor by treaty to the successful operation of the company

Which Latin countries
can access the E2 visa?


Timeline E2Visa

Benefits of the
E2 Visa

Relatively quick and easy implementation and approval process.

The investor and their family have access to public education.

It is granted for 1, 2, 4 or 5 years, with the advantage that it can be renewed every 2 years, indefinitely, provided the conditions are met.

You can invest in a new or existing business.

You can include your spouse (or) and children under the age of 21 in your E2 visa application.

The spouses may apply for a work permit that will allow them to work for another company.

Children will be able to enjoy this visa until the age of 21, from that age they will have to leave the country or apply for another visa that allows them to stay in the United States.

You will diversify your investment portfolio in the United States.

You have no restrictions on entering or leaving your country.

You can operate and work in your own business.

Franchise Development

Marcos Logo

Get a Permanent Resident in the United States,

investing in the restaurant franchise’s chain with the highest growth in North America.

Marco’s Pizza, with more than 1000 stores nationwide, has demonstrated fast and sustained growth since 1978. Marco's Pizza has significantly impacted the American economy by its rapid execution opening stores and creating numerous skilled jobs. For this reason, it has become the perfect project to apply to the Direct EB5 Visa Program. Its product quality, customer service, excellent location, and high advertising investment throughout the American territory, has positioned the brand as unique in its category of premium artisan pizzas with fresh ingredients, earning consumer preference.

By participating as a E2 partner investor
in this project, you will take advantage
of our expertise:

In the management of the E2 Visa program

As operators of hotels and restaurants

As developers of hotels and restaurants

In the selection of recognized franchise brands with high advertising investment (TV, Radio, Print, and Social Networks)

You make the capital contribution, and we develop, build, and operate the restaurant, ensuring the success of the business from initiation to opening and operation.

Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are for informational purposes only.
You should consult with an immigration attorney before deciding.

Does the E2 Visa forces me to live in the U.S.?

The E2 Visa does not force you to live in the U.S., it is optional.

Can my dependents live in the U.S. with the E2 visa?

With the E2 Visa, your spouse and children can live and study in the U.S. Your children must be under 21.

Are there any restrictions on entering and leaving the USA with the E2 Visa?

No, there are no restrictions on travel in or outside the U.S. with the E2 visa.

Can my children study with the E2 Visa?

Yes, with the E2 visa your children and spouse can study in the U.S.

Can I, the investor, study with the E2 Visa?

Yes, the E2 visa holder can study part-time.

What is the difference between the EB5 Visa and the E2 Visa?

The E2 Visa is a temporary nonimmigrant visa that depends on the trade agreement between your country and the USA and compliance in executing the business plan. From the age of 21 your children are excluded from the visa conditions.

The EB5 Visa is an immigrant visa that leads to Permanent Residence and then citizenship. It benefits your Spouse and your children. The granting of Permanent Residency will depend on the generation of jobs and the development of the project in which you have invested your capital.

How many employees do you need to qualify for an E2 Visa?

The purpose of the E-2 Visa is to stimulate the U.S. economy. To approve the E-2 Visa the United States Government requires that the business can create the number of employees necessary for it to succeed. For this reason, the number of employees will depend on the business plan.

Interested in E2 Visa?

Our team of financial experts and accredited Realtors will advise you

on how, when, and where to invest in the United States.

You will be able to know your investment alternatives in the real estate market or commercial real estate in Florida, as well as the investment process through:

• EB-5 Visa to obtain permanent residency or Green Card that will lead you to Citizenship.

• E2 Visa to live and work in the USA with an investor visa.

• Franchises to apply for the EB5 Visa and/or E-2 Visa or start your own business in the USA.