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Invest in the United States and gain a life fULL OF new opportunities

EB5 Visa

Invest and live in the United States

We give you the opportunity to invest US$800,000 or US$1,050,000 in solid construction projects that will lead you to successfully obtain a permanent residency (Green Card) in the U.S.

Hotel projects

Tryp By Wyndham Miami Airport

Tryp By Wyndham Miami Airport

Opening 2024

Miami - Florida - Hotel

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Radisson Red Miami Airport

Radisson Red Miami Airport

2018 - 2021

Miami - Florida - Hotel

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Tryp by Wyndham Orlando

Tryp by Wyndham Orlando

2019 - 2020

Orlando - Florida - Hotel

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Office Projects

Riviera Point Corporate Center

Riviera Point Corporate Center

2015 - 2017

Miramar - Florida

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Riviera Point Business Center Doral

Riviera Point Business Center Doral

2014 - 2016

Doral - Florida

View Project

Professional Center at Riviera Point

Professional Center at Riviera Point

2013 - 2015

Miramar - Florida

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Franchise Development

Marcos Logo

Get a Permanent Resident
in the United States,

investing in the restaurant franchise’s chain with the highest growth in North America.

Marco’s Pizza, with more than 1000 stores nationwide, has demonstrated fast and sustained growth since 1978. Marcos Pizza has significantly impacted the American economy by its rapid execution opening stores and creating numerous skilled jobs. For this reason, it has become the perfect project to apply to the Direct EB5 Visa Program. Its product quality, customer service, excellent location and high advertising investment throughout the American territory, has positioned the brand as unique in its category of premium artisan pizzas with fresh ingredients, earning consumer preference. For this reason, it has become the perfect project to apply for the Direct EB5 Visa Program or for E2 Visa investors.

By participating as a EB5
partner investor in this project, you
will take advantage of our expertise:

In the management of the EB5 Visa Program since 2011

As hotels and restaurants operators

As hotels and restaurants developers

In the selection of recognized franchise brands with high advertising investment (TV, Radio, Print and Social Networks)

When you invest with us, we develop, build, and operate the restaurant, ensuring the success of
the business from the concept to opening and operation.

EB5 Is Working

EB-5 Visas Program to Obtain American Residency

The U.S. Congress initiated the EB-5 program in 1990 to encourage foreign investment by creating jobs in the United States. The program allows a foreign investor and his or her immediate family to obtain EB-5 visas, which lead to obtaining the conditional Green Card in the United States, by investing in a commercial company that generates at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers within two years.

The investment amounts by filing  locations are:
-US$ 1,050,000.00 for standard areas or metropolitan areas.
-US$ 800,000 for rural areas or TEA (Targeted employment area).

Process and timeline

for the
federal EB-5 Visa program:

Timeline EB5 Visa

With residency – Green Card – in the United States,

you and your family can enjoy a variety of benefits.

Freedom to live, work and/or retire anywhere in the United States, regardless of where the project is located.

You have the same rights, and access to education in colleges and universities, as the residents of the state in which you live.

You do not need to have extraordinary ability or qualify for any special distinction or achievement.

You can include your spouse and children under the age of 21 within your same EB-5 visa application.

You do not need to be involved with the day-to-day management of business operations or its employees.

You do not need a person or company to sponsor you, as with work or family visas.

You can apply for American Citizenship 5 years after obtaining your American residence.

You diversify your investment portfolio in the United States.

You have no restrictions on entering or leaving American territory.

You have the same rights as American citizens, except for the right to vote.

How is my investment protected? Banner

How is my investment protected?

Through the Membership Subscription, you become a “partner” of the company that owns the assets (land + building). This company is overseen by a manager under the operating agreement signed, which establishes the rights and obligations as an EB5 investor, the manager, and Riviera Point.

Why invest with

Riviera Point Invest + Develop?

More than 15 years of recognized success as developers in Florida.

Experts in the use of the EB-5 Visa program since 2011. 100% approval of EB-5 Visas by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Projects backed by insurance of Completion for the construction.

Proven experience as developers and hotel/restaurants operators.

Partners with prestigious hotel and restaurant brands.

Investor Relations Department, who will assist you during the 5-year process.

You can apply for American Citizenship 5 years after obtaining your American residence.

You diversify your investment portfolio in the United States.

High margin of security in the job creation ratio for all our projects.

You can visit our projects when you travel to Florida.

Our team of financial experts and accredited Realtors

will advise you on how, when and where to invest in the United States.

You will be able to know your investment alternatives in the real
estate market or commercial real estate in Florida, as well as the
investment process through:

EB-5 Visa

to obtain permanent residency or Green Card that will lead you to Citizenship.

E2 Visa

to live and work in the USA with an investor visa.

Franchises to apply

for the EB5 Visa and/or E-2 Visa or start your own business in the USA.

EB5 Visas Book Amazon

Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are for informational purposes only.
You must consult with an immigration attorney before deciding.

How much is the minimum amount of money required to invest in a Project and obtain my Green Card?

US $1,050,000 or US$ 800,000 of capital plus US $70,000 for administrative expenses during the 5-6 years of investment.

Where can I find more information about the EB-5 Program?

• Book: “EB-5 Visas and Real Estate Development”.
Author: Rodrigo Azpúrua.

To whom do I give my investment?

The money is placed in an escrow account in a financial institution and will be given to Riviera Point as the project stages are completed.

How is my capital protected in an EB-5 investment?

• The money is not given directly to Riviera Point, but to the fiduciary agent (Escrow Agent), who will release the money once the project stages are completed.
• There is a legal structure that supports your capital. Each investor is given a shareholder’s title in exchange for their money.

Can my money come from an inheritance or a gift from my parents or a family member?

Yes. If you can prove the legal source of funds.

Who receives a permanent visa with an EB-5 investment?

The investor, their spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 years old (including adopted children).

Where should I stay while the I-526 is approved? In my country or in the USA?

You may stay in your country or in the USA. You must talk to your immigration lawyer to make this decision.

How long will it take for my family and I to become residents of the United States?

Once your I-526 petition is submitted to the USCIS, it takes on average of 24-36 months to be approved. From there, you and your family receive the conditional Green Card.

What is a conditional permanent resident?

A conditional permanent residence is subject to an audit process. 90 days before two years, you must file an I-829 petition to remove the condition. The removal of the condition is approved if the 10 jobs required by the EB-5 program were created within 2 years.

If I invest in Florida, can I live in another state?

Yes. With your conditional or permanent residence, you may live in any state of the United States.

If my I-526 petition for a Permanent Residency Visa is rejected, will you return my capital contribution?

Yes. Our conditions entitle you to receive 100% of your capital once we find a new investor to replace your position.

Does the $1,050,000 include legal advice from an attorney who will represent me in my application to the USCIS?

No. But you may choose an EB-5 specialist lawyer of your choice; additional fees may apply

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